How Do I Subscribe to the Podcast?

If clicking on the iTunes subscribe button doesn’t work or you’re not using iTunes, Here’s the long way to subscribe using iTunes.  You can use the same url given in step 2 for using in other podcast players and the steps should be similar.


  1. In the menu at the top click Advanced -> Subcribe to Podcast…
  2. enter in the rss url. Some examples are:
    • Vic’s Basement Podcast:
    • EP Radio Podcast:
    • EP Daily Podcast:
  3. You’re Subscribed!

You can also get the url by clicking on the RSS Subscribe button listed on the feed’s page. The url will then be in the address bar at the top of your browser.

Get me the latest episodes

  1. Right click on the Vic’s Basement Podcast (or Control + Click)
  2. Select ‘Update Podcast’
  3. Double click on the Vic’s Basement podcast to enter the list of episodes
  4. Click on the ‘Get’ button next to the episode you want to download (or click ‘Get All’ to get them all)
  5. Listen and enjoy!