Big Changes for the Canadian Videogame Awards


We’re pleased to announced some big changes to the Canadian Videogame Awards.

The 5th Annual Canadian Videogame Awards will be held in November instead of the traditional early spring timeframe. We hope this will better accommodate the schedules of Canada’s game makers, and give them a fitting end of year celebration. This also means the ceremony will honour the best made-in-Canada games from both 2013 and 2014. Nominations for 2013 have already closed, and nomination details for 2014 will be announced in June.

That’s not the only big change. As previously announced, the awards ceremony will be held in Toronto for the first time this year. All previous iterations of the event have taken place in Vancouver, so this will make it easier for developers from the eastern part of the county to attend.

If you want to learn more about the Canadian Videogame Awards, you can watch last year’s show by clicking here.

The Canadian Videogame Awards are co-produced by the same people who bring you EP Daily and Reviews on the Run. The show is also produced by Reboot Communications, and is officially endorsed by the Entertainment Software Association of Canada, Interactive Ontario, and DigiBC.