BioWare Announces Shadow Realms

Shadow Realms

BioWare has finally revealed the first details on their new game Shadow Realms, which they’ve been teasing for the last few weeks with a series of cryptic trailers.

Shadow Realms is an action RPG that takes place in two different worlds: modern day Earth and a fantasy setting known as Embra. The gameplay is based around co-op, with four players taking control of normal-looking humans and then giving them their choice of supernatural powers. They’ll then take on a fifth player who takes the role of the villainous and powerful Shadowlord, who has the ability to lay traps and control terrifying monsters. Developer BioWare Austin, the same studio behind Star Wars: The Old Republic, wants the gameplay to bring back the feel of old school pen and paper tabletop games by having you and your friends playing together in both co-op and opposition in real time.

Shadow Realms is slated to launch late next year, but if you can’t wait that long, you can sign up for the game’s alpha test that kicks off next month.