Dead Rising Digital Series in Development

Dead Rising 3

A live-action digital series based on the Dead Rising franchise is in the early stages of development. We got the news exclusively from producer Tim Carter during our latest episode of EP Live. Tim is no stranger to adapting video games; He also produced the first season of the hit Mortal Kombat: Legacy digital series.

“We’ve finished creative development on Dead Rising, we optioned Dead Rising from Capcom, and we’re now just finalizing a deal with a very large studio in Los Angeles. It’ll be live action, it’ll be cinematic quality, unlike on Mortal Kombat, it will be a linear story, so the episodes will string together for a single narrative that follows a package of characters. You know it’ll be a 90 minute story that looks and feels like a movie when it’s done, so cross your fingers.”

Tim stresses that the Dead Rising digital series has yet to get a green light, so there’s still a chance that it may not rise from the grave. He’s also developing a digital series based on the upcoming game Mighty No. 9, and you can watch our full interview with Tim by clicking here.