EP Daily Rundown for August 15, 2016

Happy Monday! Today in the Rundown, we discuss the delay of Final Fantasy 15, smell the latest on South Park: The Fractured but Whole, examine the longevity of the shared DC cinematic universe, and finally, head to the wasteland for a double dose of Fallout news!

You are going to have to wait an extra two months to play Final Fantasy 15. After several rumours surfaced over the weekend, Square Enix officially delayed the new game this morning. It was slated to arrive at the end of September, but will now land on November 29. Can you guess why they pushed it back? As with pretty much every delay, the developers say they need more time to polish the game, and make sure it’s as good as players are expecting. That’s fine by us. We want games to be good, and two months isn’t that much of a wait. Taking the time to make it right seems is especially important for the Final Fantasy team given all the problems they had with their last big game, Final Fantasy 14. It was rushed out with loads of problems in 2010, only to be taken offline and completely retooled and released three years later. It looks like they don’t want to repeat the same mistakes with Final Fantasy 15. We’ll keep you up to date with the latest on the game as its new release date approaches.

Ubisoft is taking immersion to a smelly new level. With their new game South Park: The Fractured But Whole right around the corner, they’ve announced a new peripheral built for the game that’s a little unusual to say the least. It’s called the Nosulus Rift, and is a device you wear around your nose that unleashes fart smells whenever your character farts within the game. Seriously. This isn’t a joke, we checked. The device uses special perfume, not real farts, to simulate the smell of one, which the developers hope will make the game that much more realistic, not to mention funny. The public will be able to try out the Nosulus Rift with the game at the massive Gamescom event in Germany later this week. Although the device is real, Ubisoft hasn’t said if they plan to produce it on a large enough scale to sell it in stores, but if they do, it will likely arrive around the same time as The Fractured But Whole, which launches December 6. The Nosulus Rift seems like it could be a useful peripheral for other Ubisoft games. Imagine smelling burnt rubber in racing games like The Crew? Or smelling the garbage lining the streets in The Division? Or roasting human flesh when taking on the cannibals in Far Cry Primal? Hopefully it becomes a reality.

More evidence has come in that Warner Bros has a serious problem on their hands with their shared DC cinematic universe. Suicide Squad, the latest film in the DC lineup, was the number one movie at the box office for the second week in a row, raking in $43 million. That’s obviously a lot of money, but here’s the problem: the film’s second weekend haul was a very steep 67% less than what it made in its opening weekend. Every movie takes a hit in its second week, but a drop this step is extremely rare, and the only other film with a comparable decline this year was Batman v Superman, which saw a 69% drop. We previously reported that Suicide Squad had a big drop in revenue from its opening Friday to the following Saturday, but now that the numbers are continuing to fall at such a steep rate from week to week, we can safely saw that it wasn’t a fluke. Suicide Squad would be making a lot more money if it was a better movie. Like Batman v Superman, the negative word-of-mouth is hurting the film in the long run, which is especially problematic given that these films are part of an on-going cinematic universe. If audiences are put off by the early films, they probably won’t keep coming back for more. Thankfully there’s still time for Warner Bros and DC to turn things around; all they have to do is start making better movies. Hopefully next year’s Wonder Woman will be the first undisputably awesome movie in the shared DC cinematic universe. It comes out Summer 2017.

Get ready to say goodbye to Fallout 4. Bethesda has announced that the final batch of DLC for the game will hit all platforms on August 30. Titled Nuka-World, it gives players a massive post-apocalyptic amusement park to explore, filled with all kinds of different attractions, new weapons and items, characters and creatures, and other fun stuff. Think of it as a more deadly version of Disneyland, which seems like the perfect setting for Bethesda to unleash their familiar brand of dark humour. Nuka-World is the sixth expansion included in the game’s Season Pass, and it looks like it will be the biggest, because its download size is reportedly larger than the last expansion, Far Harbour. Now that all the DLC for the game is finished, don’t be surprised if a complete Game of the Year edition of Fallout 4 is announced in the near future.

And some people are already getting anxious to play a new game in the Fallout series. Users on NeoGaf claim to have spotted a trademark registration filed in the European Union for something called Fallout: New Orleans, and it even comes with a logo. This seems like it’s probably an internet hoax because there’s no indication that the trademark was actually filed by Bethesda, but still, you can’t blame people for wanting more Fallout. The idea of a new game coming so soon after Fallout 4 isn’t that far fetched though; Fallout: New Vegas came out just two years after Fallout 3, although it was developed by Obsidian Entertainment and not Bethesda. If they follow the same pattern, we could see a new Fallout game in the next few years, although you should take any rumours with a heavy dose of skepticism until official announcements are made.

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