EP Daily Rundown for August 17, 2016

The massive Gamescom event has kicked off in Cologne, Germany, so there’s loads of game news and announcements to talk about today in the Rundown. We’ve got the first details on a new Metal Gear game, a new expansion for The Crew, suicidal new characters for Injustice 2, an undead look at Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, and finally, the latest news on the big screen Pokémon movie!

Konami has snuck a surprise new Metal Gear game into Gamescom. The publisher has announced Metal Gear Survive, an all-new game in the franchise. It runs on the same engine as Metal Gear Solid 5, but apart from that, it couldn’t be more different. Instead of the familiar single-player stealth gameplay, this one is a survival horror game based around online co-op, with up to four players joining forces to take on zombie-like enemies. The first trailer, released by Konami through IGN, shows off a much more fast-paced, combat-driven style, so don’t expect a traditional Metal Gear experience. This will of course be the first big Metal Gear game made without the involvement of franchise creator Hideo Kojima, following his much publicised split from Konami. He’s currently working with Sony on a new project called Death Stranding, so fans are probably very anxious to see how the Metal Gear series will fare without him. Metal Gear Survival will hit the PS4, Xbox One, and PC next year.

Ubisoft is making loads of announcements of their own at Gamescom. First up they’ve announced The Crew: Calling All Units, an all-new expansion for their 2014 racing game. It will give fans the ability to play as the police for the first time in the series, taking on their friends in different matches and modes. There’s also new story missions, vehicles, and a higher level cap. The Crew: Calling All Units will cross the finish line on November 29.

Ubisoft has also announced that their extreme winter sports game Steep will launch on December 2, just in time for real-life winter mayhem to begin. As always, there are pre-order bonuses, and users will be able to chose between a regular edition or a fancy Gold Edition that will give them access to all the post-launch DLC. Ubisoft is also planning a free, post-launch update for the game that will give players new environments in Alaska.

Finally, Ubisoft has revealed that their melee combat game For Honor is getting a closed Alpha test that will run from September 15-18. You can sign up now by following the link below this video. The game itself will slay the competition on February 14, 2017, because nothing says Valentine’s Day like medieval combat.

NetherRealm Studios has unmasked two new fighters for Injustice 2 at Gamescom. The DC fighting game will feature the two most recognizable characters from Suicide Squad: Harley Quinn and Deadshot. Like the other characters in the game, they’ll have customizable costumes, so you can make them look the way they did in the recent Suicide Squad movie, or give them a more traditional comic book-style appearance. Harley Quinn was a fighter in the last Injustice game, but this will be the first time Deadshot will be playable on consoles, although it’s worth pointing out that both characters we recently added to the Injustice mobile game. Injustice 2 will hit consoles next year.

Get ready to help the Rebels steal the Death Star plans. This morning at Gamescom, EA and Criterion Games revealed that their upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront virtual reality spin-off will be based around the new film Rogue One. We already knew that it would be an X-Wing combat experience set during the same time period as the Original Trilogy, but now we know that its mission will tie-in directly with the events of the film, with players taking on a huge Star Destroyer and swarms of TIE Fighters. Star Wars Battlefront: Rogue One: X-wing VR Mission, as it’s now called, will be free to anyone who owns the main game and the PlayStation VR headset, and it’s expected to take off before the end of the year. This isn’t the only Rogue One experience coming to Star Wars: Battlefront. The fourth and final batch of DLC for the main game will also be based around Rogue One, featuring characters and locations from the film. That arrives in January, just a few weeks after the release of the film in December.

Activision is using Gamescom to show off cool new stuff for their two biggest shooter franchises. First up, Call of Duty is getting its craziest zombies mode yet. Activision and Infinity Ward have unveiled Zombies in Spaceland, the all-new zombies mode for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Unlike the main game, which takes place in the future, this one is all about the past, with players taking on the undead in a retro 1980s-themed amusement park. Expect there to be a lot more humor than the more dark and serious zombies mode featured in Black Ops 3, and the voice actors include 80s icons like Baywatch heartthrob David Hasselhoff, and Pee-wee Herman himself Paul Reubens. You can start playing Zombies In Spaceland after Infinite Warfare deploys on November 4.

Activision’s other big shooter franchise Destiny is getting something that it frankly should have had all along. Developer Bungie has announced that they’re finally bringing private matches to the game, allowing you and your friends to set up your own matches in the multiplayer Crucible arena. This means, like pretty much every other online game, you won’t have to play with strangers if you don’t want to, and you’ll also be able to customize the gametypes, maps, and time of day. Private Matches will be part of an update coinciding with the new expansion Rise of Iron, which launches next month.

An all-new Mr Robot video game is here. Earlier this month, rumours surfaced that The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones developer Telltale Games was working on a new game based on the hit cable TV series Mr Robot. It turns out they were, sort of. This morning, Telltale Games published an iOS and Android game called Mr. Robot:1.51exfiltrati0n.apk, which is sort of a text-based game where players use their phones to communicate with fictional hackers from the show. Telltale didn’t develop the game though, it was made by Night School Studio, which last delivered the adventure game Oxenfree. It’s unclear if this is the extent of Telltale’s collaboration with Mr Robot, or if we can expect to see a bigger tie-in game in the future.

Hollywood has caught a pair of very talented screenwriters for their big screen Pokémon movie. Variety reports that the upcoming film based on the hit game franchise will be written by Nicole Perlman and Alex Hirsch. Perlman developed and co-wrote Guardians of the Galaxy, and Hirsch is best known for creating the Disney animated series Gravity Falls, and he also worked on Rick & Morty and the Disney Infinity games. Given their talent for creating light-hearted stories with memorable characters, the two of them seem like the perfect pair to bring Pokémon to theatres. The film is expected to be based on the new game Detective Pikachu, and will have live action actors interacting with CGI animated Pokémon. Although there have been many anime Pokémon films, this will be the first Hollywood adaptation, and it finally got off the ground thanks to the huge success of Pokémon Go. Expect to see the new film in theatres in the next few years.

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