EP Daily Rundown for August 23, 2016

It’s time to slip into another cozy edition of The Rundown. Today, we take a look at Microsoft’s new Xbox Onesie, have some bad news for frugal PlayStation fans, find out how the survival horror game Allison Road is rising from the dead, get early details on the first DLC for Dark Souls III, and finally, have an update on the latest features coming to Pokémon Go!

If you think you look too cool and sophisticated when you’re playing games, Microsoft has a solution. Xbox Australia has unveiled the Xbox Onesie. No, it’s not a joke. It’s a onesie that Microsoft says is custom designed to enhance your entertainment experience, complete with big pockets that can fit your game controller or TV remote, an arm pouch for your mobile phone, an extra large hood that can fit gaming headphones, forearm grips to prevent slipping while you’re playing, and rollable arms and legs to accommodate warm weather. The ridiculous-looking outfit comes in two colors, white and black, and you can also embroider it with your gamertag, so you know it’s yours if someone tries to steal it. This really isn’t a joke. Microsoft says the Xbox Onesie will go on sale in Australia soon, and hopefully it will come to North America and other territories as well. What other silly fashion accessories could Microsoft make? A Windows 10 Snuggie? DOS flip-flops? The BASIC Bra? Give us your ideas in the comments below.

It’s getting more expensive to play with your friends on the PS4. Sony is raising the price of the PlayStation Plus subscription service, which, as all PS4 owners know, is required to play games online. In the US, the yearly price is increasing by $10, going up from $50 a year to $60, although in Canada, it’s going up by $20, and will now cost $70 a year. The three-month subscriptions are also going up in Canada, and the new prices take effect on September 22. This is the first price increase since PlayStation Plus began in 2010, and Sony says that the new pricing reflects current market conditions, which is probably a reference to inflation. If you don’t want to pay extra, you’ll need to cancel automatic renewal of your subscription before the new prices take effect, although there probably won’t be too many people doing that since you need PlayStation Plus to play online. This comes as Sony is on the verge of introducing not one, but two new versions of the PS4: the smaller PS4 Slim, and the PlayStation Neo, which will be much more powerful. There’s also rumoured to be a new, redesigned version of the DualShock 4 controller, with a new light bar across the top. All the new hardware is expected to be officially unveiled at a special event on September 7.

It looks like a popular horror game is coming back from the dead. The first-person survival horror title Allison Road is back in development. The freaky-looking project was cancelled earlier this year, but now, in a statement to IGN, the game’s creator Christian Kesler has announced that it’s back in development with a new development label he formed with his wife. They haven’t revealed exactly why development was initially shut down, but there are rumours of troubles between the team and their original publisher. Allison Road has a complicated past. It’s inspired by the playable teaser for Konami’s Silent Hills, which was cancelled last year after Konami’s falling out with game maker Hideo Kojima. The makers of Allison Road figured that if Konami didn’t want to use the idea, they would. This made the game very popular with everyone who was disappointed by the cancellation of Silent Hills, so they’re sure to be delighted that it’s back in development. We’ll let you know when more terrifying details come in.

That isn’t the only new game that looks like it’s inspired by Silent Hills. Konami’s rival Capcom is working on Resident Evil 7, which looks suspiciously similar to the playable teaser for Silent Hills. They say it was already in the works before that game was announced, but we can’t help but be a little skeptical given how similar they look. Resident Evil 7 arrives in January.

Prepare to die, again, with Dark Souls 3. Bandai Namco is expected to officially unveiled the first batch of DLC for the game tomorrow, but it looks like the first details have already leaked. According to a Japanese website called Hachima, the first DLC for Dark Souls 3 will focus primarily on player-vs-player combat, adding a new PvP-exclusive map along with new weapons and magic abilities. In the main game, PvP happens when one player invades the game of another, which some people think is very annoying and frustrating, so expect those people to steer clear of this DLC. It lands October 26, and there’s also a second batch of DLC on the way, which is rumoured to be focusing on single-player. We’ll have more details just as soon as Bandai Namco officially announces them.

Pokémon Go is about to get a little more straightforward. Niantic Labs has begun rolling out a new update for the hit mobile game on iOS and Android devices. It’s not too big, mostly consisting of small bug fixes, but there is one noticeable new feature: the team leader characters now actually have something to do. Blanche, Candela, and Spark, the heads of Team Mystic, Valor, and Instinct, will now appear in the game to give you appraisals of your captured Pokémon, letting you know about their unique abilities and a power-ups. This is sure to come in handy for those of you training your Pokémon for battle in the gyms. It’s also a smart move for Niantic to start providing a little more information about how to actually play the game, given that the lack of a thorough in-game tutorial is one of the biggest complaints so far. Niantic is also working on bigger updates, including one that will finally let you battle with other players outside of the gyms. Hopefully that arrives soon.

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