EP Daily Rundown for June 30, 2016

It’s the Thursday before a long weekend, but before you check out, sit back and enjoy an all-new edition of The Rundown. Today, we have the latest rumours about Left 4 Dead 3, get Lost in Space with Netflix, have the first official look at the BioShock collection, have some cool yet troubling info from Apple, and finally, find out what classic Mario game you can re-play over the weekend.

It looks like game maker Valve knows how to count to three after all. The studio might be in the middle of developing Left 4 Dead 3, the long-rumoured new entry in their zombie multiplayer series. A Valve employee recently released a tutorial for their latest VR development software, and it included screenshots of his desktop that showed a folder called ‘Left4Dead3′. This could just be Valve’s way of trolling fans, although the post has since been edited to remove the folder, so it might be legit. Valve fans have been desperate for a third Left 4 Dead game, along with a third Portal and Half-Life instalment, leading many to joke that Valve doesn’t know how to count to three. The studio is notoriously secretive and there have already been loads of rumours about their upcoming projects, so until official announcements are made, it’s wise not to get your hopes up. We do know that Valve currently has a third of its staff working on new VR technology for the HTC Vive. A new Left 4 Dead or Half-Life game would be perfect for VR. Just saying.

Danger! Danger! Netflix subscribers are about to be lost in space. The online streaming juggernaut has greenlit a remake of the classic science fiction series Lost in Space. The original series ran for three season in the mid-60s, and focused on the futuristic adventures of the Robinson family, who are stranded in the outer reaches of the galaxy after their spaceship malfunctions. Because it’s from the 60s, the show had a lot of camp, and Netflix says they want to recapture the same sense of adventure and family drama. Their new series is being run by Prison Break producer Zack Estrin, and will consist of a 10-episode first season when it hits Earth in 2018. This is just the latest in a long line of original programming created by Netflix, and it won’t be the first new take on Lost in Space, either. The show was adapted into a big screen movie in the late 90s, which was actually pretty fun.

Gamers can head back under the sea, or above the clouds, with a less-than-shocking new collection. 2K Games has officially revealed the worst kept secret in gaming, the long-rumoured BioShock Collection. Details of the set have already appeared online many times over the last few months, so it seems 2K has more leaks than the underwater city of Rapture. As expected, the collection will feature all three BioShock games remastered for the PS4 and Xbox One. They’ll look and sound better than ever, and include all the single-player DLC. One thing is missing though; the online multiplayer for BioShock 2 will not be included in the collection, making this a much more solitary experience. 2K is also updating the first two games for a PC version of the collection, although the third game, BioShock Infinite, will not be included because it already meets the current-gen PC standards. The BioShock Collection arrives September 13.

It looks like Apple doesn’t want you to use the iPhone camera in certain situations. A patent filed by Apple in 2009 has just surfaced online, showing that the company has the technology to automatically lock the iPhone’s camera when it enters a certain location or area. This could be used by movie theatres and concert venues to prevent people from illegally taking photos and videos, although, as with all technology, there’s also a downside. The same system could potentially be used by oppressive governments to prevent citizens from recording videos, which would make it easier to stifle dissent, especially in the age of social media. Since Apple filed the patent back in 2009 and still hasn’t done anything with it, there’s a chance the technology will never let see the light of day. We’ll just have to wait and see what they do.

We didn’t get a new Mario game at E3, but now we can relive one of the best games in the franchise. The classic Super Nintendo game Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars is now available on the Wii U virtual console in North America. Many have long been hoping that the game would find its way to the Wii U, so this is sure to make Nintendo fans happy. First released in 1996, Super Mario RPG is a collaboration between Nintendo and Final Fantasy developer Square, now known as Square Enix. It combines turn-based Final Fantasy-style RPG gameplay with Mario-style action, and was notable for including 3D graphics on the Super Nintendo. A pair of direct sequels were released, and it also helped spawn other Mario RPG franchises like Paper Mario and the Mario & Luigi series. Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto recently confirmed to IGN that, although they didn’t show off a new Mario game at E3 this year, they do have one coming down the pipe. Miyamoto hopes it will be out in the next year or two.

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