EP Daily Rundown for November 18, 2016

Today in the Rundown, Disney is catching Pokémon, Rogue One DLC is coming to Battlefront sooner than expected, Titanfall 2 may not have a sequel, Ubisoft is taking over the world, and finally, we have some good news and bad news for Canadian streaming services.

The latest Pokémon game is hitting stores today, and it looks like Disney wants to catch some of the action. Disney XD has inked a deal with The Pokémon Company to air the next season of the Pokémon anime series in the US. It will debut on December 5 with a special showing of the recent movie Pokémon the Movie: Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel, followed by the first new episode. The new season of the show is based on Pokémon Sun and Moon, the highly-anticipated new game that hits the 3DS today, incase you’re wondering what all those lineups outside your local game store are about. I’ll be bringing you my full review of the game soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Some of you will be able to steal the Death Star plans a little early. EA has announced that the Rogue One DLC for Star Wars Battlefront will deploy on December 6 for season pass holders, ten days before the movie hits theatres. Players without a season pass will have to wait until December 20. The DLC gives players four new maps based on the environments from the film, along with two new playable characters: the heroic Jyn Erso and the villainous Orson Krennic. This is the fourth and final batch of DLC for the game… well, sort of. EA is releasing the new X-Wing VR mission for the PlayStation VR headset, allowing players to jump into the cockpit of an X-Wing. That also arrives December 6, and I can’t wait.

There’s a chance that we might not be getting another Titanfall game. Following less-than-expected sales of Titanfall 2, developer Respawn Entertainment isn’t sure if they’ll be able to make another one. That’s according to CEO Vince Zampella, who tells the gaming website Glixel that, despite the fact that the game did very well with critics, “it’s too early to tell” if it will be a financial success. He says that they’d like to make another one, but he’s isn’t sure if it will happen. That’s disappointing news. Titanfall 2 is excellent, and I’m really hoping that a third game will happen. Follow the link on your screen or below this video to watch my review of the game.

Now here’s some good news coming out of the game development community. Ubisoft has announced that they’ve opened up a new development studio in the Serbian city of Belgrade. The new studio’s first project is to help out with the development of Ghost Recon Wildlands, which we featured in yesterday’s Rundown, and they’ll also be working on other upcoming Ubisoft projects. This isn’t the first studio that Ubisoft has opened in the region, they also have studios in Romania, Ukraine, and dozens of other countries across the globe. In a statement, they say that they’re “always on the lookout for high potential markets with the passion, skills and expertise to create the very best games,” and they hope this helps fuel a new game development industry in the country.

It’s getting easier and easier to watch live TV without a TV package. Sony has launched their TV streaming service PlayStation Vue on the Apple TV. The service launched earlier this year on PlayStation devices, and for a monthly subscription fee, allows users to stream live TV from channels like AMC, CNN, ESPN, and more. The Apple TV version is available on fourth generation or higher models of the device, but here’s the bad news: PlayStation Vue isn’t available in Canada, at least not yet, and there’s no word on when that might change.

In better streaming news for Canadians, Amazon’s video streaming service Amazon Prime might finally be coming to north of the 49. English TV host Jeremy Clarkson has revealed that his new show The Grand Tour, which is an Amazon exclusive, will be coming to Canada and other countries. Whether or not this means we’ll be getting the full Amazon Prime service or just the show by itself hasn’t been clarified. We’ll let you know when more details come in.

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