EP Daily Rundown for November 21, 2016

Today in the Rundown, the NBA 2K series goes VR, a new star joins the cast of the upcoming Han Solo film, Deadpool 2 and Mortal Kombat get new directors, and finally, the Halo franchise is losing one of its most popular faces.

You might soon be able to hit the court and shoot some hoops in virtual reality. 2K Sports is rumoured to be working on a virtual reality version of NBA 2K17 for the PlayStation VR headset. A trophy list for an unannounced project called NBA 2K17 VR Experience has appeared online, and the trophies indicate that it will be some kind of minigame collection featuring smaller modes like shooting challenges and time attacks. So far, 2K hasn’t made any official announcements about a PlayStation VR version of the game. They recently took their first step into the format with Carnival Games VR, also a minigame collection, so we’ll let you know if they do the same thing with their basketball franchise. Since NBA 2K17 is playable on the PC, there’s a chance that the VR version, if it actually exists, will also come to other headsets like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, but we won’t know until 2K makes an official announcement.

The mother of dragons is invading the galaxy far, far away. Disney has officially announced that Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke has joined the cast of the upcoming Han Solo spin-off movie. They haven’t said what kind of character she’ll be playing, but she’s expected to be the female lead, and possibly a love interest for the dashing young scoundrel. The new version of Han will be played by Hail Caesar actor Alden Ehrenreich, and Community’s Donald Glover was recently cast as his partner in crime Lando Calrissian. Disney has also confirmed that everyone’s favorite walking carpet Chewbacca will appear in the film, obviously. It will be helmed by The Lego Movie directing duo Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, with shooting set to begin soon. You’ll be able to catch Han Solo in theatres in 2018.

It didn’t take long for Deadpool 2 to find a new director. Following the sudden exit of the first film’s director Tim Miller last month over creative differences, Twentieth Century Fox has found a new filmmaker to helm the highly-anticipated sequel. It will be directed by David Leitch, who co-directed and produced the first John Wick movie. He’s also a stunt coordinator who has helped shape the fight sequences for dozens of films, so expect Deadpool 2 to have some pretty awesome fight scenes. Leitch apparently got the job after hitting it off with star Ryan Reynolds, so there probably won’t be any more of those pesky creative differences. Deadpool 2 will begin shooting relatively soon, although Fox has yet to name an official release date. It probably won’t be too long of a wait, because they’re already developing Deadpool 3.

The new Mortal Kombat movie has spotted a director and said ‘get over here!’ The big screen adaptation of the iconic fighting franchise has found a new director. It will be helmed by newcomer Simon McQuoid, who’s never helmed a feature film before but is an accomplished director of TV commercials, most notably, this popular Star Wars-themed Duracell battery ad from last year. Many big filmmakers got their start directing commercials, and they usually bring a lot of visual flare and snappy editing to their films, so hopefully this means the Mortal Kombat movie will be a visual knock out just like the games. The film was originally going to be directed by Kevin Tancharoen, who created the Mortal Kombat Legacy webseries, but he’s since departed.

The Halo franchise is losing one of its most popular faces. Josh Holmes, studio head of Halo developer 343 Industries, is leaving the company to pursue a career in indie game development. Holmes joined 343 in 2009, first working on the 2010 game Halo Reach, followed by Halo 4, where he served as creative director. Holmes was the studio head of the company during the development of Halo 5, and he’s been one of the most popular members of the dev team, appearing at countless events and in many behind the scenes videos. He helped play a big role in shaping the direction of the franchise after Microsoft took control from original developer Bungie, so hopefully his absence won’t have too big an impact on future Halo games. We wish him the best of luck with his new indie projects.

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