EP Daily Rundown for October 25, 2016

Today in the Rundown, we have disappointing news for anyone hoping the Nintendo Switch will be backwards compatible, we also dig up new details on the next Indiana Jones movie, the Star Wars spin-off Rogue One, a fan-made Sonic the Hedgehog game, a Halloween update for Pokémon Go, and finally, lucrative new about Grand Theft Auto Online!

Some disappointing news has come in about the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo has revealed that their new system will not be backwards compatible with Wii U game disks or 3DS game cartridges. We already knew that the system is designed for cartridges so it’s not that surprising that it won’t play Wii U disks, but many had hoped that they would still be able to use their 3DS cartridges. The Switch will instead use a new proprietary cartridge system, so it won’t be able to take cartridges from the 3DS or any other past system. This is probably because the Switch has very different hardware and software specs than its predecessors, but the lack of physical backwards compatibility is still going to disappoint many Nintendo fans, especially given that it was included in the Wii U and original Wii. As for digital backwards compatibility, there always a chance that Nintendo will allow users to download old games if they’re synced to their Nintendo account, similar to what Microsoft is doing with 360 games on the Xbox One, but we’ll have to wait and see. Nintendo says they won’t be providing more details about the Switch until early next year, but we’ll let you know if more info comes trickling in before then. The Switch will hit stores in March.

It looks like there’s at least one old fossil Disney isn’t digging up for the new Indiana Jones movie. Indy creator George Lucas is reportedly not involved in the upcoming fifth film in the franchise. That’s according to the new movie’s screenwriter David Koepp, who tells Collider that, to his knowledge, Lucas isn’t involved and he’s had no contact with him about the project. This seems to confirm earlier rumours that George Lucas is no longer part of the creative process, similar to what happened during the development of The Force Awakens. Lucas sold his company to Disney in 2012, but at the time, he publicly stated that he hoped to maintain an advisory role over the direction of the new films, something that apparently hasn’t happened. Whether or not his creative departure was his idea or Disney’s is something that remains unclear. One thing we do know for sure is that, if Lucas really isn’t involved, this will be the first Indiana Jones movie made without him. Director Steven Spielberg is back, along with star Harrison Ford. It will hit theatres in 2019.

And over to the other big Lucasfilm franchise, some Star Wars fans will be able to see the new movie a little early. Disney has revealed that the spin-off film Rogue One will be released on December 14 in half of Europe, while the other half will get it on December 15. It won’t hit North America until December 16, so if you want to avoid spoilers, you might want to unfollow any European friends on social media. Disney did the same thing with The Force Awakens last year, and they haven’t said exactly why they think Europeans deserve to see it before the rest of us. It might have something to do with the fact that Star Wars has historically been more popular here than in other territories, so giving it a few extra days overseas could be their way of ensuring that it will have the biggest opening possible. We’ll be sure to bring you our review of Rogue One whenever we end up seeing it ourselves.

A few Sonic the Hedgehog fans have gotten tired of waiting for Sega to make a decent 3D Sonic game. Take a look at the fan-made game Sonic Utopia. It’s a 3D, open-world platformer created by YouTube user The Great Lange, who made it with help from a few of his programmer friends. They say that they worked from scratch to create the engine, character models, animations, and textures, all of which are meant to recreate the style of classic 2D Sonic games inside a 3D world. Given that Sega has a very bad track record with their official 3D Sonic games, this one made by fans might be worth checking out. It isn’t finished yet, but if you want to try it out, you can download it here. At the time we’re filming this, Sega has yet to publicly respond to the game, so we don’t know how they feel about it. We do know that they’re currently working on a new 3D Sonic game of their own, which has the working title Project Sonic. It’s slated to arrive in late 2017, and hopefully it won’t disappoint. They’re also making another new game called Sonic Mania, which has a less risky 2D perspective. You’ll be able to play that a little sooner next spring.

Pokémon is about to go trick or treating. Niantic Labs has announced a special Halloween-themed event for Pokémon Go. Starting tomorrow and running until the day after Halloween, spooky Pokémon like Zubats, Gastlys, and Drowzees will appear more often in the world around you, and the game will also give your twice as much candy, because nothing says Halloween more than candy. Most online games offer these kind of seasonal events, so it looks like Pokémon Go will be doing the same. Don’t be surprised if there are similar themed events coinciding with other holidays in the future.

And speaking of online games, Rockstar hasn’t forgotten about GTA Online. To celebrate the third anniversary of GTA 5’s online component, Rockstar is giving all players on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC $250,000 of in-game currency for free. You’ll need to log in sometime between now and November 4 in order to get it, and Rockstar is also adding new vehicles and a new motorcycle battle mode as well. It makes sense that they’re still supporting GTA Online after all these years because it’s still raking in the dough. Last week, Rockstar officially announced their next big project, Red Dead Redemption 2, which is promised to have a similar online component of its own. That rides into town in Fall 2017.

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