EP Daily Rundown for October 3, 2016

Today in the Rundown, we have an early look at the prison-break RPG The Escapists 2, find out what Ben Affleck is calling his new Batman solo movie, find out how Amazon is giving Twitch the premium treatment with Twitch Prime, have some disturbing news for PC VR fans looking forward to Resident Evil 7, get spooky with the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, and finally, see what our old pal Marissa Roberto has in the works with Xbox Canada!

Gamers won’t be able to escape from The Escapists. Last year’s top-down prison escape RPG is getting a sequel, titled, what else, The Escapists 2. It will offer the same basic style of gameplay, with players assembling a team of inmates and then concocting a daring escape plan. This time around the prisons will have more than one level, giving you new escape possibilities, and there’s also a revamped combat system that will make it easier to fight if you get caught. The biggest new addition in the sequel however is multiplayer. There will be drop-in/drop-out multiplayer, giving up to four people the chance to escape together, and it will be available both online and in local split screen. If you want to fight against each other, there’s combat and co-op versus modes as well. The first Escapists game was well-received, but some felt it was a little rough around the edges, and developer Chris Davis says that sequel will take the things fans loved and make them better. There’s no release date yet, but the game will launch sometime next year on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

We can finally start calling Ben Affleck’s solo Batman movie something other than Ben Affleck’s Solo Batman Movie. The Batman v Superman actor has revealed the official title of his new stand-alone outing. It will simply be titled… The Batman. Yep, just Batman with a ‘the’ in front, which also happens to be the name of an animated series from the mid 2000s. Speaking with the Associated Press, Affleck says the title of his film might change at some point in the future, but this is the one he’s going with for now. He adds that he’s still working on the script, and that it’s going well. Affleck is writing The Batman with DC’s Geoff Johns, and it’s expected to feature the mercenary and assassin Deathstroke as one of the villains. We still don’t have a release window for the new movie, although a Warner Bros executive recently hinted that it will be released sometime in the next two or three years. Batfleck will next appear in Justice League, which recently finished shooting and will swoop into theatres next year.

Twitch and their parent company Amazon have another new way to win over gamers. They’ve announced Twitch Prime, a premium subscription service that’s kind of like a cross between Amazon Prime and the PlayStation Network or Live Xbox Gold. Like those services, it will give subscribers free games and free in-game content like skins, characters, and boosts. Subscribers will also get a discount on games they buy and pre-order from Amazon, and they’ll also get unlimited free two-day shipping, along with discounted one-day and same-day shipping. Finally, Twitch Prime subscribers will also be able subscribe to a Twitch channel every month. This usually costs $5, but will be free for Prime members, allowing you to support your favorite streamers and watch their content with no adds. Twitch Prime will cost $80 a year in Canada, and seems like an obvious way for Amazon to merge their services with Twitch following their acquisition of the streaming site two years ago. Last week, they announced an all-new game titled Breakaway, which is designed with streaming in mind, and has Twitch integration built-in. That will be released next year.

It looks like the new Resident Evil game is going to take a year to spread the infection to other VR headsets. Capcom and Sony have revealed that the virtual reality version of Resident Evil 7 will be exclusive to the PlayStation VR for 12 months. That means users with an Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or other headsets will have to wait an entire year before they can jump in, although the normal, VR-less version of the game will still be available on the PC and Xbox One at the same time as the PS4. The timed-exclusivity deal was revealed thanks to a new Facebook add for the game, and Sony is likely doing it as a way to help drive sales of the PS VR, which hits stores next week. Resident Evil 7 was announced earlier this year during Sony’s E3 press conference. It’s the first game in the main Resident Evil series playable in a first-person perspective, making it a natural fit for virtual reality. It will bring the terror worldwide in January.

Disney is hoping to plunder the box office again with another Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Take a look at the first trailer for Dead Men Tell No Tales, the fifth film in the blockbuster franchise based on the Disneyland ride. The trailer gives us a brief an ominous look at the film’s main villain, the ghostly Captain Salazar played by Javier Bardem, along with a new hero character played by Australian pretty boy Brenton Thwaites. Although Captain Jack Sparrow is mentioned, Johnny Depp himself is conspicuously absent from the trailer and the first theatrical poster, and we won’t bother speculating why Disney has decided to keep him off the promotional material for now. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales will set sail in Summer 2017. Depp has been on a losing streak at the box office recently, and if this doesn’t break him out, his career might have to walk the plank.

And before we go, take a look at Xbox All For One, a new monthly web show from Xbox Canada that will focus on the Xbox community. The thing that has us excited about the show is that it’s hosted by our pal and former EP co-host Marissa Roberto, and we can’t wait to see what she’s got cooking. Full episodes will be released at the end of every month on the official Xbox Canada YouTube channel, and they’ll also have shorter segments released every few days. Click here to check it out.

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