Holiday Gift Guides

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Every year in November, just before the holiday rush, we release gift guides to help you find the best gifts for those you love. Whether it’s the top game for a specific console or a coal-equivalent for that naughty child, we’ll recommend some great choices. All of our gift guides are here for you to peruse.

Latest Gift Guides

Marissa’s Holiday Gift Guide
Still need a few more gift ideas this holiday season? Marissa is here with some cool stuff in her holiday gift guide.
Shaun’s Holiday Gift Guide
Need some ideas about what to get your friends and family this holiday season? Shaun gives us some of his favorite suggestions.
November 19 – Reviews on the Run – Full Show
In part two of our Holiday Buyer's guide, we help you choose the best games for the Playstation and Nintendo fans in your household!
Holiday Buyers’ Guide: Games for PlayStation
You have a friend or family member with a brand spankin new PS4 or Vita? Find out what to get them!
Holiday Buyers’ Guide – Take It To The Street!
We chat with some of you fine folks to answer questions and give gift giving advice!
Holiday Buyers’ Guide: Games For Wii U
The Wii U once had a shortage of games, but as we were answering your questions, we found out that's not so true anymore.
Twitter Question: Which Game Is A Lump Of Coal?
Giving a gift to someone naughty? Find out what games they deserve!
November 18 – Reviews on the Run – Full Show
Part one of our annual Holiday Buyer's Guide kicks off with a look at some of the best PC and Xbox games available!
2014 Buyers’ Guide – Games For Xbox
Vic and Marissa help some shoppers find the best Xbox gifts for the holidays!
2014 Buyers’ Guide Help Desk!
We dispense gaming gift advice, so no kid ends up with clothes!
2014 Buyers’ Guide – Games for PC
Which PC games would we recommend for gamers in need?
Twitter Question: Help Save The Holidays!
We answer a series of holiday gift giving Twitter questions!