Remembering LucasArts and Star Wars

Disney has closed down LucasArts, the prolific developer and publisher responsible for many of the biggest and best Star Wars games to date. Below you can browse through just a small portion of the Star Wars and LucasArts news, reviews, and previews that have been featured on EP Daily.

EP Daily wishes the best of luck to all those involved in the closing of LucasArts.

First Full Scene from Star Wars Rebels
Today at WonderCon, Disney unveiled the first full scene from the new animated series Star Wars Rebels. Grab your finest glass of blue milk and take a look! As you can see, the look and feel of Star Wars Rebels is inspired heavily by the original Star Wars film, compl
April 18 – EP Daily – Full Show
Jose takes a look at the combat and controls in The Amazing Spider-Man 2: The Game; Shaun tracks down Star Wars: Episode VII sound editor Matthew Wood; Marissa slips on the Muse brain-sensing headband; Shaun heads to the Superhero Supply Company in Brooklyn to find out what
Matthew Wood and the Sounds of Star Wars
Shaun tracks down Matthew Wood, the supervising sound editor behind The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels, and Star Wars: Episode VII. He also voiced the sinister General Grievous, so Shaun learns more about his long career in the Star Wars universe.
Batman’s New Adventure, Star Wars Heads to E3
Victor has a look at a new animated Batman adventure, the latest on the new Star Wars games, and more in the Rundown.
Todd Stashwick to Co-Write Visceral’s Star Wars Game
Writer and actor Todd Stashwick will be joining ex-Uncharted creative director Amy Hennig as co-writer for Visceral's upcoming Star Wars project. "Thrilled to announce that my friend @ToddStashwick will be joining me as co-writer on the Star Wars project for @Viscera
Marvel Heads to Disney Infinity In The Rundown
Victor has a cool announcement for Marvel and Disney Infinity fans, an interview with the Trailer Park Boys discussing their new deal with Netflix, and more in the Rundown.
Bruce Lee Enters the Octagon, Danny Trejo Talks Bad Ass 2
Marissa has a look at the latest special fighter for EA Sports UFC, Danny Trejo discussing his new movie Bad Ass 2: Bad Asses, and more in the Rundown.
Watch This Tribute Video to Star Wars Concept Artist Ralph McQuarrie
Here's parts 4 and 5! Here's Part 3! The latest video explores how Ralph McQuarrie's 70s artwork continues to influence the Star Wars saga even to this day, including the design of the recent animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Here's Part 2!
Amy Hennig Tackles Star Wars, Marvel Mapped Until 2028
Victor has good news for the future of Star Wars games, the latest from the Marvel universe, and more in the Rundown.
Chewbacca Back in Star Wars: Episode VII
It looks like someone is going to have to let the Wookie win in Star Wars: Episode VII. According to The Hollywood Reporter, original Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew will back as everyone's favourite walking carpet in the new Star Wars film. The news has yet to be confirmed by Disney, but chairman Alan Horn recently announced that most of the lead cast has already been assembled. Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, and Carrie Fisher are expected to reprise their roles, and Disney has confirmed that R2-D2 will be back as well. A leaked casting call that surfaced last year suggested Wookies would make an a