Remembering LucasArts and Star Wars

Disney has closed down LucasArts, the prolific developer and publisher responsible for many of the biggest and best Star Wars games to date. Below you can browse through just a small portion of the Star Wars and LucasArts news, reviews, and previews that have been featured on EP Daily.

EP Daily wishes the best of luck to all those involved in the closing of LucasArts.

EP Daily Rundown for July 18, 2016
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Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review
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Vic’s Basement with Star Wars Master David W. Collins!
Vic catches up with David W. Collins, who's worked on countless Star Wars projects, including games and TV shows, to talk about his career in the franchise and at Lucasfilm!
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Lego Star Wars: Force Awakens Interview
Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens is almost here! It's the first game in the Lego Star Wars series to feature the same voice actors from the movie, and there are loads of new gameplay features. Jose catches up with lead story designer Graham Goring to assemble a closer l