Remembering LucasArts and Star Wars

Disney has closed down LucasArts, the prolific developer and publisher responsible for many of the biggest and best Star Wars games to date. Below you can browse through just a small portion of the Star Wars and LucasArts news, reviews, and previews that have been featured on EP Daily.

EP Daily wishes the best of luck to all those involved in the closing of LucasArts.

Star Wars Coming to Disney Infinity?
Avalanche Software has hinted that the Star Wars franchise will be coming to future versions of Disney Infinity. When asked about what they’re planning down the road by Newsarama, general manager John Blackburn replied that "2015 is not so far, far away." This likel
Director David Yates Returns to Hogwarts in the Rundown
Victor has the latest on the new Harry Potter movies, a splash of cold water for Crackdown fans, and more in the Rundown.
Watch Another Star Wars Rebels Short
Disney has released a third sequence from their animated series Star Wars Rebels, this one introducing the heroic tough guy Zeb. You can watch the other two shorts by clicking here and here. Star Wars Rebels will kick off with a one-hour movie called Star Wars Rebels:
New Star Wars Game Hits iOS
If you just can't wait for the new Star Wars games that EA is making for consoles, Disney has released a new mobile game set in the galaxy far, far away. It's called Star Wars: Commander, and is a combat strategy game that takes place during the Original Trilogy era.
GTA Online Takes Off in the Rundown
Marissa has details on the latest update for Grand Theft Auto Online, finds out when to expect Star Wars Rebels, and more in the Rundown.
Is This The Villain In Star Wars Episode VII?
Marissa has rumors about the new villain in Star Wars: Episode VII, hears from the Angry Video Game Nerd about Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie, and more in the Rundown.
New Scene from Star Wars Rebels
Disney has released another short sequence from their new animated series Star Wars Rebels. This one is called Art Attack, and sees the rebel Sabine sneak into an Imperial TIE Fighter yard to cause some trouble. Once again, it's obvious that the show is going for the loo
New Walking Dead and BioWare Games Announced
Victor has the first details on a new Walking Dead game, the latest project from BioWare, and more in the Rundown.
New Scene from Star Wars Rebels
Disney has released an extended sequence from the upcoming animated series Star Wars Rebels. Take a look! It introduces three of the main characters: Hera the pilot, Kanan the wise-cracking Jedi padawan, and Chopper the droid. As if you can't tell, the clip is almost