Twitter Question of the Day

Twitter Question of the Day

Have you got a question for Vic or Scott? Get it answered on the show by either tweeting it to them @Victor_lucas and @ScottCJones or by leaving it in the comments section below.

Vic and Scott will choose the best and the lucky winners will get their question answered on the “Twitter Question of the Day” segment of the show.

This is an ongoing segment, so if you don’t see your question on today’s show maybe it will be on tomorrow’s show (or ask a different, more interesting question).

Twitter Questions Answered

Twitter Question: Go-to Custom Character?
What kinds of characters do Vic and Marissa like to build?
Twitter Question: Broforce or Rogue Legacy?
Which indie title do Vic and Marissa prefer?
Twitter Question: Marissa Kicks Butt!
What game can Marissa kick Vic's butt at?
Twitter Question: Oldest iPhone Game?
Which iPhone game has been on our phones since the beginning?
Twitter Question: Do You Enjoy MMO’s?
Vic and Marissa give the hard truth on whether there are any MMO's they enjoy playing.
Twitter Question:Best Local Multiplayer Game?
Vic and Marissa tell us the best local multiplayer game that is not on a Nintendo Console.
Twitter Question: Which Console For Destiny?
What console will we be playing Destiny on?
Twitter Question: Bioshock on iOS?
Will touchscreen controls on Bioshock iOS hamper the experience?
Twitter Question: Most Anticipated Comic Show?
Which of the many, many comic book TV shows is Vic most excited for?