EA’s Biggest E3 Announcements

EA held their E3 press conference today, and the thing we’re most excited about is the new Star Was Battlefront game. Developer DICE discussed their philosophy behind the game, and showed us some early concept footage:

EA had plenty of other cool stuff to talk about. The second biggest game at the event was Battlefield Hardline. The first official gameplay footage was unveiled, along with the surprise announcement that the multiplayer beta is available today! You can sign up through the official website, but you better hurry, because spots are limited.

Burnout and Need for Speed developer Criterion Games is going beyond cars with an all-new racing game. It doesn’t have an official title yet, but we do know that it will be an open-world experience that features an array of different vehicles like ATVs, snowmobiles, helicopters, and anything else that can go fast. Criterion also says it will be their biggest project by far, so take a look at some early prototype footage in the video below:

EA subsidiary BioWare has confirmed that a new Mass Effect game is in the works for next-gen consoles, along with a completely new IP. Here’s some early concept footage:

As for the new Mirror’s Edge game, that got a new developer diary where the team showed off new navigation features and a more varied level design.

If you’re into sports, the world also got its first look at gameplay from NHL 15:

There’s also new gameplay for Madden NFL 15:

NBA Live 15:

And the new EA Sports PGA Tour:

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