Fez Creator Quits Game Development


There’s some disappointing news for fans of the hit indie game Fez.

The game’s creator Phil Fish has announced that he’s quitting game development. This comes after all of his personal information, including his financial records, were exposed online by a group of hackers out to “publicly execute” him. It seems they’ve succeeded, because along with leaving game development for good, Fish is also selling his company Polytron, saying that all the negativity isn’t worth it.

This isn’t the first time attacks and negativity from some members of the online community have forced Phil Fish to rethink his commitment to the games industry. Last year, he cancelled the sequel to Fez after a heated argument on Twitter. He also faced a lot of personal turmoil making the original Fez, which is chronicled in the documentary Indie Game: The Movie.

Whoever ends up buying Polytron will also get the rights to make their own Fez sequels, so let’s hope it’s sold to the right people. There’s likely no shortage of interested parties given the popularity of the first game.

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