Google Is Making Flying Robots

Amazon isn’t the only tech giant interested in building its own fleet of flying drones.

Google’s research division Google X has unveiled their own self-flying vehicles that they’re developing as a delivery system. Known as Project Wing, the drones look a lot more sleek and aerodynamic than Amazon’s drones, which were unveiled last year. The goal is to have the robots ready for use by everyday people in the next few years, although there’s still a lot of research and development that needs to be done before that happens. There’s also a big legal problem to work out, because many governments have yet to clearly lay out the rules about robotic drone use by private companies and individuals.

Along with delivering packages, Google hopes Project Wing will also make it easier to get medical supplies, food, and water to people who need them. In the video above, the drone delivers a tasty treat to a dog, which is something that is obviously very important.

Google is also working on self-driving cars, which will no doubt team up with the drones to take over the world.