Hohokum Arrives August 12

Hohokum will arrive on PS4, PS3, and PS Vita August 12, developer Honeyslug Games announced today.

Brightly colored and full of British quirk, Hohokum was designed to forego conventional gameplay mechanics and systems in order to instead focus on exploring a vivid, wildly imaginative world that in some ways evokes a very Adventure Time sense (at least, to me). As The Long Mover, players carve their way through the 2D world while letting denizens climb aboard you and ride along on the adventure.

“For the first few years [of Hohokum's development] it was a side-project, something we worked on between other things, or when inspirations truck,” co-creator and designer Ricky Haggett described in a post on the PlayStation Blog. “We didn’t have a clear mechanic ‘hook’ when starting out, more an overall sense of wanting to make a game that was relaxing and evoked a particular sense of free-form play. Over time this approach allowed the game we have today to emerge organically. I’m not sure we could have done it any other way.”

For more on Honeyslug’s design process behind Hohokum, check out the behind-the-scenes video above.

Sony and Honeyslug first unveiled Hohokum during E3 last year. For more on what makes this side-scrolling sandbox game so relaxing, check out Josh’s hands-on impressions from last year’s show.

As reported by: EGM

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