Intel Wants You to Make Your Own Robot

Intel Jimmy the Robot

We still don’t have Hoverboards or flying cars, but Intel wants to help take the world into the future with the next best thing.

The computer giant has unveiled Jimmy, an affordable and customizable robot. Users can create his body using a 3D printer, and then make him come to life by plugging in a compact computer that runs on the Intel Core i5 technology. He’s designed to be able to do a wide variety of tasks like feeding your pets, setting the table, and bringing you your medication when you’re sick, and you’ll be able to customize him for specific tasks around your house. Intel hopes this will help make personalized robots as popular as smartphones.

Jimmy is still in the prototype stages, but Intel has already begun sharing the design files with universities and other researchers through their 21st Century Robot Project, a global initiative that aims to unite engineers in order to create affordable robots that rely on open-source design files. Their plan is to make robots like Jimmy available for regular consumers within the next five years, with a price that comes in under $1000.