Console Games Coming to iOS

iOS 8 Metal

Gaming is about to get a lot better on the iPhone and iPad.

As part of today’s big unveiling of iOS 8, Apple announced a new graphics technology for iOS devices called Metal. It allows game makers to squeeze the maximum performance out of the A7 chip, which Apple says will allow them to create mobile games that rival their console counterparts. It also allows developers to port full console games to mobile, and the first title that was shown off was Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, using EA’s Frostbite engine.

If that doesn’t impress you, Epic Games also showed off a tech demo called Zen Garden, which runs on the iPad in real-time from the Unreal Engine 4. Zen Garden will be available in the App Store for free when iOS 8 launches this fall. Along with EA and Epic, other developers like Crytek and Unity have also begun working with Metal.

You can watch Apple’s full iOS 8 keynote by clicking here. The portion about Metal comes in at the 97-minute mark.