Shane Black Rebooting Predator


Get ready for cinema’s ugliest motherfucker to return to theatres.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Iron Man 3 director Shane Black is attached to write and direct a new Predator movie. The site claims that this will be a fresh reboot for the series, although no details about the story have been revealed. The original film saw a group of mercenaries, led by Arnold Schwarzenegger, hunted by the iconic hunter. There have since been two big screen sequels, countless comics and video games, and even two crossovers that saw the Predators take on the xenomorphic Aliens.

This won’t be Shane Black’s first time taking on the Predator. He actually played one of Arnold’s fellow mercenaries in the original film, after turning down an offer to do a re-write of the screenplay. If you’re having trouble remembering who he played, he’s the character who liked to tell vulgar jokes. Fred Dekker, who worked with Black on the 80s cult movie Monster Squad, is collaborating with him on the new screenplay.

There’s no word yet on when we might get to see the new Predator movie in theatres. Shane Black is already developing several other projects, so it remains to be seen which one will come first.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter