Fable Anniversary Confirmed for PC

Late last week, Lionhead posted a teaser video that seemed to suggest Fable Anniversary was finally making the jump to PC. Well now its official, and its coming to Steam in September.

A blog post by the developer confirmed that its revamped version of the original Fable would be coming to Valve’s digital store later this year, stopping short of offering an official date. The developer added that it had hidden the release date in the previously mentioned teaser video.

“When this year, you ask? Well, we’ve hidden that somewhere in the teaser video! Some of you have already found it, but if you haven’t we’d suggest watching it again. It’s pretty obvious once you know where to look. ;)”

One of the social media messages in the above teaser turned out to be binary code, and when deciphered it reveals the date as September 2014.

In other PC news, Microsoft officially released Windows drivers for the Xbox One controller. So when Fable Anniversary launches later this year you will be able to play it using your Xbox One controller.

As reported by: EGM

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