Jason Momoa to Play Aquaman

Jason Momoa

The former leader of the Dothraki people might be the new king of Atlantis.

Multiple sources report that Game of Thrones season one co-star Jason Momoa is set to play Aquaman in the new movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. If the rumors are true, it means Aquaman will appear alongside a slew of other DC icons like Wonder Woman and Cyborg, and he’ll likely return in the planned Justice League ensemble. Batman v Superman has already begun shooting, and will save the day in Summer 2016.

Aquaman has appeared in countless comics, animated adventures, TV shows, and video games, but this will be his first live-action big screen appearance. The character is often ridiculed by comic book lovers, which is something that DC Comics has actually tried to turn around and use to their advantage by making him something of an underdog in their New 52 lineup. Not coincidentally, Aquaman comic writer Geoff Johns is serving as a producer on the new film.

You can watch our 2011 interview with Geoff Johns discussing Aquaman by clicking here.

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