Jet Car Stunts Coming to Consoles

Grip Games’ Jet Car Stunts is making the leap from mobile devices to PC, PS3, PS4, PS Vita, and Xbox 360, the developer announced today.

As the title suggests, Jet Car Stunts is a racing game with platforming elements in which players control a car that is also a jet, that is to say, it has a jet engine used to propel the vehicle over large gaps in the impossibly high track that it navigates.

“We’ve redone everything,” CEO Jakub Mikyska wrote in a post on the PlayStation Blog, “the graphics are new to match the PS3 and PS4 level of visual quality, we’ve added new cars, new game modes, asynchronous multiplayer, and DualShock controls. But we’ve left everything that makes Jet Car Stunts great, the thrills, the crashes, the need for precision, and the obsession to improve your times again and again.”

To gain a better understanding about this “need for precision,” check out the cringe-inducing trailer, which suggests that most runs will end with players botching up jumps and suffering under the harsh hand of physics.

As reported by: EGM