One Way Trip Announced

One Way Trip, described as “a hallucinatory journey into death,” is coming to PS4 and Vita next year, project lead Michael Frauenhofer announced on the PlayStation Blog today.

One Way Trip revolves around the player-character and their brother, Barry, who learn they and the rest of the world’s been poisoned and left with only six hours to live, hallucinating all the while. Over the course of the game, players engage in “an atmospheric exploration” of the final few hours of life while tripping hard. These moments will consist of choice-driven branching narrative pathways that players arrive at while NPCs do the same, creating a narrative framework that’s constantly in fluctuation.

According to Frauenhofer, while the team originally set out to integrate conventional gameplay mechanics into the main storyline, they grew to dislike how it disrupted the narrative’s balance. But since they liked the battle system “on a pure gameplay level,” they plucked it out and created a separate mode for it that, in his words, is “of comparable size and scope to the story mode.”

This battle mode, of sorts, will blend aspects of turn-based strategy RPGs and first- and third-person shooters in a wave-based dungeon crawler arrangement. Players will have a squad of characters to customize the loadouts to and explore different tactics and upgrades. Also, all of this will be set against an original hip-hop soundtrack. So there’s that, if nothing else.

Frauenhofer promised more details to come “in a future post.”

As reported by: EGM