PS4 Share Play Has a Time Limit

PS4 hero shot

The PS4’s upcoming Share Play feature won’t be an excuse not to buy games.

Sony has revealed that the feature will only allow you to share your games with friends for an hour at a time. When the time expires, you’ll need to invite your friends to play again, which means you won’t be able to just leave the house and let them play your games while you’re off doing something else.

Share Play was shown off earlier this week at Gamescom in Germany. It’s described as a ‘virtual couch’ that allows you to invite your friends to join in and try out a game you’re playing, even if they don’t own a copy themselves. The idea is that people do this all the time when they’re in the same room, and now you’ll be able to do it online.

The new feature will launch as part of the PS4’s 2.0 system update, which will go live before the end of the year.