Quantum Break Will Launch in 2015

Don’t expect to play one of the biggest games for the Xbox One this year.

Remedy Entertainment has announced that Quantum Break will launch in 2015. They haven’t named a precise release date, but the good news is that some new gameplay footage has been revealed in the video above. Quantum Break gives players the ability to bend and warp time, which will give you plenty of new ways to take on your enemies. Remedy and Microsoft are also producing an original series based on the game that will premiere on Xbox Live next year, and they promise fans will discover unique content within the game by watching the show.

A better look at Quantum Break will be shown off at Gamescom this August. That means Quantum Break will be skipping E3 this year, but the good news is that Microsoft will still have plenty of other big games to show off at the event, most notably, Halo 5: Guardians.

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