New Faces Board Star Wars: Episode VII

Star Wars new cast

Add another two actors to the growing cast of Star Wars: Episode VII.

Disney has announced that two newcomers are joining the film, British actor Pip Andersen (left) and American actress Crystal Clarke (right). Both of them were found during the film’s open casting call last year, and they must have been pretty good to get noticed, because Disney says more than 37,000 people auditioned. Neither of them have been in a film or TV show before (they don’t even have IMDB pages), and Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy says it’s important to cast unknowns in the film because the Star Wars franchise has always been about introducing new faces. No one ever heard of Mark Hamill in 1975.

Not surprisingly, there’s no word yet on who they might be playing, but we do know that Andersen appeared in a cool ad for The Amazing Spider-Man, where he demonstrates his awesome parkour skills. He also has his own YouTube channel showing off his parkour abilities, so it seems likely that J.J. Abrams will be putting his talents to good use in the film.

Disney has also offered an update on the condition of Harrison Ford, who recently suffered a broken leg while shooting an action sequence. They say he’s still recovering, but as a result of his injury, production will go on a two week hiatus next month so they can make adjustments to their production schedule. This may sound foreboding, but Disney assures fans that Ford is doing well and will be back on set soon with production wrapping in late fall. The studio has also reiterated that the film is still set to hit theatres on December 18, 2015.