Super Meat Boy: Forever Announced

Super Meat Boy Forever image

Team Meat has officially announced Super Meat Boy: Forever, a new version of the popular indie game for mobile phones, tablets, and Steam. It will launch next year.

This isn’t just a simple port of the original Super Meat Boy. It’s a completely new game built from the ground up with touchscreens in mind, staying true to the design and feel of the original, but made for a more simple control scheme. There are randomly generated levels, but Team Meat says that it’s not an endless runner like many other mobile games. They also promise that it will not use “abusive tactics to drain your wallet and cheapen the game experience,” which is an obvious dig at pay-to-win titles.

The first hints of the game came earlier this month when Team Meat released a teaser video for a supposed stealth game called A Voyeur for September. Fans were quick to realize that the title was actually an anagram for Super Meat Boy: Forever, and Team Meat has since confirmed that A Voyeur for September was just an elaborate ruse.

Team Meat first announced that they were working on an iOS version of Super Meat Boy way back in 2012, but they say that this one has only been in development for two months, which means the original was scrapped.