Grand Theft Auto V DLC Teased

During a conference call with investors last night, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick hinted that Grand Theft Auto V will be getting some “interesting” downloadable content.

“I think you can safely assume that Rockstar, as the label that led the charge in downloadable content with Grand Theft Auto 4, I think you’d have every reason to believe, purely because of the ground-breaking nature of the title itself and the multiplayer in the title, that there’s going to be a lot of interesting stuff,” Zelnick said. “But I’ll leave that to Rockstar to announce.”

Something else he’s happy to leave for a later date? A concrete release date for the game, which is currently only slated to launch sometime next spring.

“With regard to the date for Grand Theft Auto V,” he said, “spring 2013, we make those announcements based on what we think is best to market the title, and we think that’s the right way to describe it, and we’re thrilled with the way that is shaping up.”

As reported by: EGM