The Shining Prequel Finds Director

The Shining

It looks like the prequel to The Shining has booked an overseer.

Variety reports that director Mark Romanek is in talks with Warner Bros. to helm the new film. He directed the creepy 2002 movie One Hour Photo and the 2012 sci-fi drama Never Let Me Go, but this will be his first horror movie. If the studio wants him to direct it, it means that they’re probably going for a more intelligent psychological horror tone, similar to the original.

The new film will explore the origins of the haunted Overlook Hotel, and explore why it’s so messed up in the first place. It’s not directly based on any works by original author Stephen King, although it’s said to be inspired by a prologue that he wrote for the original novel that was never published.

This isn’t the only new Shining movie on the way. Warner Bros. is also working on a big screen adaptation of Stephen King’s recent novel Doctor Sleep, which is a sequel to The Shining that sees a grown-up version of the gifted Danny Torrance use his supernatural abilities in the present day.

Source: Variety