Next Titanfall Update Detailed


Respawn Entertainment has detailed Titanfall‘s fourth update that will add the Marked for Death game mode, Titan Burn Cards, Titan Insignias and more.

The first new feature that update four will add is a Featured Game Modes playlist, this new playlist will see new game modes added for s limited time. The first will be Marked for Death, which sees a player on each team marked for death, each team must then protect their marked pilot while trying to kill the opponents. This mode will be followed by Wingman Last Titan Standing.

As well as this, 14 new Titan Burn Cards are being added that add amped Titan weapons and enhanced Titan abilities. Players will only lose their selected Burn Card if they die as a Titan, not if they die as a pilot. There’s also new Titan Insignias that can be used to customize your Titan. Insignias are earned by completing challenges, and will retroactively be rewarded once the update has been installed.

There are a number of other improvements and bug fixes being introduced with update four. You can check out the full list here.

As reported by: EGM