New Titanfall DLC Announced

Frontier’s Edge, the second of three planned DLC drops, will add three new maps to Titanfall, developer Respawn Entertainment announced today.

The T-Fall devs revealed little else about the second DLC pack beyond its price, $9.99, same as the last, outside of the $24.99 season pass that ropes in all three planned packs, and a brief description of the three new maps: Dig Site, an isolated mining outpost; Haven, an exclusive beach resort; and Export, a mining hub built into the side of a mountain.

Supposing Respawn and EA intend to follow the same schedule as before, it stands to reason that we should see Frontier’s Edge by next month. The studio announced Titanfall‘s first DLC, Expedition, on April 12. The three-map add-on launched across PC and Xbox One May 15, roughly one month after its reveal. Stands to reason the same turnaround should apply to this new DLC, which would see it available by mid-July. That is, on PC and Xbox One, the Xbox 360 version of Expedition launched a month after its newer-gen counterparts, on June 16, so 360 players should probably anticipate Frontier’s Edge no sooner than mid-August.

As reported by: EGM