Rift: Nightmare Tide Expansion Unveiled

Trion Worlds has announced that RIFT‘s second expansion Nightmare Tide will be available later this year, taking the game up to version 3.0.

Nightmare Tide will take us beyond Telara, into the Plane of Water – a realm of nightmares, dreams, madness and danger where you’ll encounter new foes, new allies, and confront plots that threaten the entirety of existence,” said executive producer Bill Fisher. “What horrors and monstrosities have filled the abyssal depths left by Akylios? Prepare yourself to take the fight to the planes and face these threats head on!”

The expansion will add five new levels, taking the cap to 65, and each new level will grant a Mastery based on a player’s Calling. “Masteries are designed to expand your choice in builds, add new synergies, and let you further customize your character so you can play how you want to play,” Fisher explained. “We believe that the Mastery system will add diversity and choice to the Soul system, without adding unneeded complication.”

Nightmare Tide also adds a new kind of Rift to the game called Nightmare Rifts, which feature scaling difficulty and nearly endless waves of foes. There’s also a new account-wide collectible in the shape of Minions. These can be sent on missions where they can gather resources, collect currencies, find items, and gain their own levels.

“In Nightmare Tide, you’ll dive into adventures in brand new open-world zones and story quest lines,” Fisher added. “You’ll team up with other Ascended and test your mettle in new planar dungeons, raids, raid rifts and slivers. You’ll take part in massive dynamic battles in the Plane of Water, seek out new artifacts and collections, and craft new weapons and armor. Access to all of this content will remain absolutely free – part of our promise to you since converting to our highly successful Free-to-Play system.”

As reported by: EGM

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