Evolve Lands October 21


Turtle Rock Studios has announced that Evolve‘s hunt will be available worldwide on October 21 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Pre-ordering the game at participating retailers will net you the Monster Expansion Pack, which contains the Savage Goliath monster skin and a new, unnamed monster, that will be released after the game’s launch.

Evolve pits four player controlled Hunters against one giant player controller Goliath. With the player controlling the Goliath given the option to eat animals on the map to move through stages of evolution and become stronger.

When the game was first announced, four Hunters were announced: Markov (Assault), Griffin (Trapper), Val (Medic) and Hank (Support). Each with their own unique abilities. Now the developer hasdetailed four new Hunters: The one-eyed Hyde (Assault), Maggie and her Trapjaw pet (Trapper), Lazarus (Medic), and the bi-pedal robot Bucket (Support).

Hyde is a high damage tank who comes armed with a minigun and a short-range flamethrower, as well as these weapons he also has access to poison grenades that create a deadly cloud upon exploding. The new Trapper, Maggie, has a machine pistol, and harpoon traps that will slow the enemy down. Maggie also has a Trapjaw pet called Daisy who will revive downed allies.

The new Healer class Hunter is called Lazarus, and you can probably guess what his main ability is. Lazarus has the ability to bring dead allies back to life using The Lazarus Device. He also has access to a sniper rifle and a personal cloaking device. Finally, the Support class is a bi-pedal mechanical robot called Bucket, who has a rather unique ability that allows it to take off its head and fly it round the map as a surveillance device, if the enemy is spotted its location will be displayed on all players’ maps.

These four new Hunters can be mixed and matched with the old ones, offering players a choice of eight characters.

Evolve is set to launch October 21 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

As reported by: EGM

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