Ubisoft’s Biggest E3 Announcements

Ubisoft held their annual E3 media event. They really only announced one new title, and it’s just a fitness game, but they did give us a new look at plenty of hard core games. Here’s what they had:

The first footage from Far Cry 4 was unveiled, showing off the game’s creepy main villain. The game will hit stores on November 18.

The new Rainbow Six game shall henceforth be known as Rainbow Six Siege. We got our first look at multiplayer gameplay, and it looks pretty intense. It will deploy in 2015 on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

The other new Tom Clancy game, The Division, got a new cinematic trailer following the new gameplay footage that was shown off at Microsoft’s press conference. Like Rainbox Six Siege, it will also arrive in 2015.

The new racing game The Crew will finally cross the finish line on November 11. This comes after several delays, so hopefully it will have been worth the extra wait.

As for the deadly new Assassin’s Creed Unity, that will emerge from the shadows on October 28. Ubisoft showed off more of the new 4-player co-op mode, which was first unveiled at Microsoft’s press conference.

The new fitness game from Ubisoft is called Shape Up, and it’s an Xbox One exclusive. Ubisoft’s goal is to create a fitness game that isn’t boring, and we’ll get to find out if they’re successful when it arrives this holiday season.

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