Wasteland 2 Arrives September 19

After decades of waiting, Wasteland 2 is almost here.

inXile Entertainment has announced that the final version of the long-awaited game will finally hit the PC on September 19. This follows its release on Steam Early Access back in December. Like the 1988 original, Wasteland 2 is a single-player RPG that takes place after the United States has been decimated by a Nuclear war. Players take the role of Desert Rangers who struggle to keep themselves and the wastelands safe, and there’s plenty of turn-based, tactical combat as you and your party begin to rebuild civilization.

The original Wasteland inspired countless other games, including the Fallout series, but this is the first official sequel. It was announced in 2012, when it raised almost $3 million through a massively successful Kickstarter campaign.

Since there apparently needs to be a 26-year wait between games in the series, fingers crossed for Wasteland 3 in 2040!

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