Watch Dogs DLC Detailed

Watch Dogs Season Pass holders may have had the content for a week, but starting today everyone else can download the DLC on all platforms that adds new missions and weapons.

The DLC costs $7 and adds three single-player missions: The Palace, Signature Shot and Breakthrough. In The Palace players must break into the luxury palace of an Internet mogul, wipe his hard drives that contain data on thousands of people, silence the mogul, and then get out before a police raid begins. Signature Shot tasks players with breaching the stronghold of a captain of the Black Viceroys gang, stealing a powerful biometrics weapon that imprints on the first user, and ensuring that they are the first to imprint it. Finally, Breakthrough sees players disabling scrambler vehicles so they can infiltrate a secret meeting between the Chicago South Club and Corporate CEOs to kill everyone inside.

It also adds the Biometric Rifle and the Auto-6 pistol, along with a battery boost, the new South Chicago outfit, a perk to speed up reloads and reduce recoil, a driving upgrade, and an ATM hack to boost money received.

The DLC is available today on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.

As reported by: EGM