Worms Battlegrounds Arrives May 30

Worms Battlegrounds will be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in Europe digitally and at retail on May 30, Team17 has announced.

North America will have to wait until June 3 to pick up a copy of the game. The game will feature 25 single player missions, 10 “Worms-Ops” time attack missions, five environments (Inca, Viking, Feudal Japan, Industrial Revolution and Prehistoric), over 200 customization options, and 65 weapons. 10 of these weapons are brand new: Mega Mortar, Gravedigger, Winged Monkey, Oxygen, Worm Charm, Bovine Blitz, Whoopsie Cushion, Teleport Gun, Aqua Pack, and The Equalizer.

Worms Battlegrounds will be one of the first titles to be released under ID@Xbox on Xbox One, which Team17 is an ambassador for.

On PlayStation 4, the game will use the DualShock 4 touchpad by allowing you to pre-select four weapons that can be activated by swiping a direction, and the Lightbar will show the status of your worms. On Xbox One the SmartGlass companion app will allow you to track your stats on the move.

As reported by: EGM

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