Episode 6: The Summer Drought Has Ended!

It’s the NSFW Edition. This week: Vic and Scott swear a record 32 times down on The Basement. No kidding. If you have sensitive ears, or if you’re our moms, use caution when listening. Also: there’s one unfortunate reference to buttholes and one reference to “ramming tongues.” Scott also does a dramatic reading of The Press Release Of The Week (this one provided by Reviews host Ben Silverman) (thanks, Ben!). And Mad Dog McCree is officially banned from all future episodes of Reviews on the Run and EP. Why? Listen to unravel the mystery.

Topics covered in this episode:
Expendables 2
Darksiders 2
Sleeping Dogs
Sound Shapes
Propellor Dog Pro
Wii U
Epic Mickey
Foosball 2012
Mad Dog McCree
Drangon’s Lair
Ben Bolea & Miri Jedeikin
Canadian Video Game Awards

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