Episode 13: Half Empty/Half-Full Episode

Today on Vic’s Basement: Vic talks about all the things he loves; Scott rants about all the things he hates. In other words, IT’S PRETTY MUCH BUSINESS AS USUAL DOWN IN THE BASEMENT. A couple of love/hate topics: annual “iterations” of sports videogames, and the iPhone 5. Vic sees all of this as progress; Scott sees the disposable nature of it all as the exact opposite of progress. Also: Vic and Scott discuss the controversial final play in Monday night’s NFL game, then quickly realize that they’re out of their depth, and go back to discussing the nerd things they actually know something about. Also: Scott reaches into Ye Olde Listener Mailbag, and finds an email from a listener who wants to know what classic fighting game featured the words “BURNING RUBBER.” Answer: You’ll have to tune in to find out.

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