Episode 27: The Devil May Cry When Faced With Jones Squared!

Today on The Basement: Vic asks Scott why he has decided to grow a mustache. Then he implores him to do the world a favor and shave it off. Also, Scott rediscovers his love of videogames, thanks in no small part to the upcoming Devil May Cry reboot. Speaking of Devil May Cry, or DmC as it is now known as, Alex Jones (no relation to Scott) drops by The Basement. Alex is the Senior Producer on DmC. Vic and Scott ask Alex why Capcom, for the first time ever, decided to take the series out of Japan and let U.K.-based developer Ninja Theory build the game. Also: Scott asks Alex why they decided, when rebooting the series, to make Dante a huge jerk. Also: Vic and Scott ask Alex if Kratos or Dante engages in the greatest number of threesomes. That’s right: it’s another PG-13-rated episode of VB.

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