Episode 32: Fighting the BS that is Served

Vic and Scott order more pancakes—or, as Vic calls them, “flapjacks”—from Vic’s mom. Then Scott discusses the recent trip he took to go look at a game only to eventually deduce that there was no game to actually see. So, instead of describing the game that wasn’t there, Scott describes the nuances of the “low flow” toilet in his hotel room. If you don’t like toilet humor, or poop, or any references to poop and toilets and toilet paper and things of that nature, be sure to skip over this part of the podcast. Also: Vic and Scott talk about the debacle of Aliens: Colonial Marines. So, what the hell happened? And, more importantly, how is Randy Pitchford feeling about the whole thing? Are the game makers, after being locked away in a game-making vacuum for months or even years at a time, shocked to learn that their game is terrible? Scott and Vic plumb the depths of this argument. Finally, things get weird at the end thanks to Victor and not Scott this time. Also: If you’ve read this far into the podcast description, you are probably someone who is easily hypnotized. So, congratulations—you’ve learned something new about yourself today.

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