Episode 43: Michael Mando: Actor, Storyteller, and Really Kind Guy

The Basement Smell Report is in: Cheese smell: 8/10; Feet smell: 7/10; Unidentified smell: 3/10. Vic and Scott make room in their piquant subterranean lair for a truly special guest: actor Michael Mando. He, of course, plays Vaas Montenegro in Far Cry 3, the baddest bad guy since the Mother Brain. (Who, technically, is a woman.) (Side note: What if Mother Brain and Vaas made a baby? WHAT THEN?) Anyway, Mando was a special guest at the recent Canadian Videogame Awards. That’s where Vic and Scott became friends with Mando. Oh, and he’s also one of the stars of the TV show Orphan Black, which is really good, if you need a new TV show to watch. Mando tells all kinds of crazy stories on today’s show. And some of his stories are downright moving. No kidding. Listen, and you will be moved. Also: Vic and Scott talk Iron Man 3, which is in theaters this weekend. Vic describes the movie as “amazing.” Scott, on the other hand, wonders if Happy has any weight-related health issues. Ah, Vic and Scott: WILL THEY EVER LEARN TO GET ALONG? Let’s hope not.

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