Episode 57, Is Elysium One Of The Sci-Fi Greats?

SPOILER WARNING: This episode contains a few spoilers for the film Elysium, listen at your own risk.

Today on The Basement: Elysium is without a doubt Vic and Scott’s most anticipated film of the summer. And it’s out. So, it’s time for them to weigh in with a more in-depth review. And, yes, there is shouting. (WHY CAN’T YOU GUYS JUST GET ALONG? OK?) Also: Vic and Scott play a round of What Are You Playing?/What Are You Watching? For Vic, it’s Justified. For Scott, it’s Boardwalk Empire. Then Vic goes on a mini-rant against his cable provider. Scott expresses his disappointment in [INSERT PRETTY MUCH ANYTHING HERE]. There’s banter! And 4-percent of qualifies as “somewhat witty.” So click, listen, and enjoy.

Warning: May Contain NSFW (not safe for work) language.

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