Episode 60, Fan Expo Toronto, Gaming, and an Interview With Mike Mika

Vic has returned from the always-fun Fan Expo (Toronto), so he’s ready to talk about all the celebrity hobnobbing he did while gallivanting around town, smoking big cigars, drinking Courvoisier, and riding in the backseats of limos. This, of course, makes Scott feel terrible about himself (which is also Scott’s natural state, in case you didn’t already know). Then Scott and Vic talk about what games they played on the road (Scott nearly went blind from playing Kingdom Rush; Vic hugged and kissed his Vita all night long). Then the guys reveal what might be the very worst movie of 2013. Finally, game developer Mike Mika visits The Basment. He’s the guy who famously hacked Donkey Kong so that his daughter could play the game as Pauline instead of Mario (Mario, of course, is the one who is being held captive by DK). It’s a great, super-nerdy convo which features multiple references to Eugene Jarvis. Finally, Scott makes it weird at the end. And at the beginning. And, now that we think about it, in the middle, too.

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