Episode 70, PS4, Batman Voice Actor, iPad Air

Vic waxes poetic about the new iPad Air, which he travelled all the way to New York City to meet. (Yes, the two of them met at the top of the Empire State Building, and they kissed with fireworks going off in the background.) Vic, naturally, is into it; Scott, not so much. In fact, Scott is crabbier than usual on today’s episode. Just warning you ahead of time. The boys also discuss the PS4, the state of games in general, and the lukewarm critical reception that Batman: Arkham Origins has received. Then—holy irony, Batman—the guy who PLAYS Batman in the game shows up to talk—duh!—MORE BATMAN. Yes, it’s veteran voice actor Roger Craig Smith, who always played another hooded assassin in a recent series of games. Which one? Find out by doing a little clicky-clicky on the triangle over there.

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