Episode 74, A Foray into Basement Livestreaming, Loud Chip Eating

Vic forces Scott to “live stream” the show via the PlayStation 4. (Scott’s response: “DAMN YOU, VIC.”) So, the guys recorded the audio from the stream (which took place on Thursday), which explains why today’s show is so weird and filled with awkward pauses (and the sound of Vic and Scott enjoying gluten-free chips). Just know, in advance, what you’re listening to. Topics of conversation include our earliest gaming memories, which features Vic’s classic story of how he almost got arrested trying to bring a game console across the Canadian border. Also: Scott gripes about something. You know, he’s such a talented gripe-r, that it doesn’t really matter what Scott gripes about. Just press the thing over there, and start wading into the deep end of our “stream.”

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