Episode 89, This Week’s Vic’s Basement Is Now Loading

We’ve got a very special episode for you guys this week, as the Now Loading crew set up camp in the Basement to answer some of your questions! What’s Now Loading, you ask? It’s the new gaming show exclusively on EPN.tv where our behind the scenes crew get together to talk about anything and everything gaming! This week sees host Jamie Chapman chats with Alyssa Harrison, John Michael-Sole, and Alistair Brown about everything from the future of big budget games like Call of Duty to the impending increase of microtransactions. We hope you enjoy it, and don’t worry, Vic and Scott will be back next week!

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Jamie Chapman
Alistair Brown
Alyssa Harrison
John Michael-Sole
and of course, Jackson the Dog

This includes the audio of Episode 3 of Now Loading.

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